9 Lessons You Can Learn From Netflix Marketing

“I watched just one episode of my favorite show this weekend”, said no one ever! 

We can safely say that Netflix is the creator of the binge-watching trend! Come weekend, several people around the world like to turn on Netflix and cozy up with their loved ones. Teens and adults alike! 

Did you know that there are over 221.64 million paid subscribers on Netflix worldwide? What started as a DVD rental service back in 1998 has now grown to become one of the leading content streaming services. This is a story that most of us know. But what we do not know, or what we might not have paid attention to, is Netflix’s intuitive approach when it comes to marketing. 

There are many names in the OTT segment but what gives Netflix the advantage? How does it somehow always manage to emerge as a trendsetter? In this blog, let’s look at some of the smart marketing strategies that Netflix uses to get to where it is today. 

Lessons Every Marketer Should Learn From Netflix Marketing

1. Don’t just scratch the surface

Delivering a personalized experience to every user has been Netflix’s biggest strength. The more you use the app, the more relevant your recommendations are. That’s Netflix’s way of putting AI to good use. 

Netflix content recommendation is not just based on your age or gender. It’s based on the ratings you give. The movies you watch. The shows you binge-watch. Movies/shows you watch again and again. Content that you skim through. And ones that you actually watch till the end. Netflix uses all these tidbits of information to understand specific users. That’s why even with the same Netflix account, every user added to the account sees a different Feed. Different movies/shows displayed on the front page. 

Here’s a personalized email that is an example of Netflix marketing:

This is a great lesson to take away from Netflix’s recommendation engine. Every brand might be catering to different kinds of demographics. When your focus is too broad, you miss out on some niche audience groups. Talk to your marketing team and revise your strategies so that you look closer at the finer details like: 

  • The interests of your customers (both with respect to your industry and with respect to social media content types)
  • What other brands they like or where else they shop (and why)
  • The reason they trust your brand (is it because of your pricing or convenient payment options or fast and reliable delivery?)

And so much more. 

Instead of vaguely segregating your audience groups based on generic factors like age and gender, dig a little deeper. When you pay attention to these little details, you will be able to create content that actually interests them. And you will be able to tweak your product packaging and promotions to make them more convincing. 

2. Speak in a language your customers will understand 

If you know you know! 

As you can see, one line is all it takes! And a lot has to do with the design as well! 

The copy itself is something that Stranger Things fans quickly recognize. But what makes the design even more interesting is the upside-down placement of the copy. A reference to the  Upside Down from the show. This example shows the strength of copy in Netflix marketing.

Kimp Tip: There are two things to grab from this billboard ad:

  • When you talk in a language your customers understand, you do not need many words to convey your message.
  • Good design and copy go hand-in-hand. The brilliant copy on this billboard will not have made that much of an impact if not for the upside-down text. 

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3. Meme marketing is here to stay

Netflix has never shied away from showing its fun side on the internet. Now and then you will find a refreshing meme on the Twitter page of Netflix. It is remarkable how the brand manages to use content that it markets (clips from movies on Netflix) and then connects it to a very relatable real-life scenario. Here is one such meme that the brand shared during the time when work-from-home was slowly becoming the new normal.

Or this one featuring Hopper when the whole world is talking about Stranger Things Season 4

You might have a lot of information on your social media page. People might find resourceful ideas that convince them to buy that product they did not know they needed all along. But at the end of the day, we all go to social media for one thing – a quick escape from the routine! A break! So, what’s good social media without some “fun” elements in it?! 

As a brand, if you create fun and light-hearted posts, you are entertaining your audience. And you are showing them how approachable your brand is. Because you are breaking the ice with these fun content, like memes. 

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4. Explore the perks of native ads

Talk about native advertising, Netflix does it like a pro! Take a look at the image below and you’ll understand what we mean! 

Wouldn’t you be taken aback to see something like this in your morning newspaper? Now, that’s the kind of reaction any entertainment brand will benefit from. An element of surprise! One that evokes your curiosity. Once the ad has the user’s attention the brand can then go on to tell what it intended to convey. By the way, the above ad was for the promotion of Netflix’s series, Sweet Tooth. 

The ad itself is pretty straightforward. The placement and the native design of the ad are what remind us that Netflix is a marketing genius. Don’t you agree? 

Kimp Tip: For each of your campaigns, when you have to choose the types of ads and marketing channels to explore, remember to include native ads in them. Native web ads, brilliantly positioned billboards, and even flyers handed out at the right place. Relevance makes your message more memorable! 

5. Don’t be afraid to take a dig at yourself 

This was Instagram’s fun post about its recent movie Spiderhead. The movie opened to poor ratings and Netflix did not hesitate to own the negative criticism it received. This post comically conveys the fact that the viewership for the movie was perhaps partly due to the good-looking actors. 

This is Netflix’s way of keeping it real. See the engagement on the post and you will understand the benefits of creating such posts with a touch of humor. 

With social media painting a beautiful picture of everything and creating unrealistic trends if your brand manages to stay real, you win! People love authentic content. Have you seen actors share their goofy side? These are the kinds of posts that show how authentic they are. 

And for a brand, showing behind-the-scene bloopers shows your human side. With this, you ensure that there is no amount of tension or hesitation that a customer experiences when approaching your business. 

6. Create an inclusive experience 

Intuitive brightness and font size controls, support for assistive listening systems, screen readers, and voice commands are just a few among the many accessibility features on Netflix

These little steps show that Netflix cares for all of its customers. And that it pays attention to every aspect of customer experience for each kind of user on the platform. 

As a brand, there are many small yet significant steps you can take in order to enhance the whole experience for your customers. Customer experience does not just start at your store. It starts the moment you spot your ad. The moment they hear a friend talk about your brand. 

Say, your ads are all aesthetically amazing. But most of your customers do not grasp the brilliant concept in them. Will that be good user experience? Or, say, your restaurant menu looks fancy. But poor contrast makes the price of items difficult to read. Now, will that be good user experience? No and no! 

Every aspect of your marketing design influences your user experience. Creating ads in a relevant theme and a straightforward, easy-to-understand design is a good first step.

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7. Keep it interactive 

Interaction is good. And relevant interaction is even better. Netflix managed to achieve this with the set of reactive billboards it created featuring GIFs. 

The above billboard was placed at a subway station entrance. The scene perfectly aligns with the kind of weather the people heading to the subway encounter. What’s even better? These billboards were designed to change animations based on the weather and the placement. 

And the copy gives the perfect finishing touch to the design. “Stuck in the rain at the bus stop? Cosy up to a nice movie on Netflix”. Clearly, this is another example of how Netflix uses memes. And also how it always balances copy and design. 

8. Use motion graphics to your advantage 

If you follow Netflix on Instagram you will already know that Netflix regularly shares animated loops and videos on its page. Here is one such loop created for the film Look Both Ways

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the design in this! The movie is about parallel universes. How little changes could lead to different directions in life. Now that’s perfectly represented in this image, right? 

Designs like these are enough to evoke curiosity in the casual onlooker. And most people who fall in love with the design concept will end up watching the movie too! That’s how you sell something. Use this idea for your brand. Create designs that use visual cues to convey your message even without a lengthy copy. 

9. Create content that will make customers appreciate what you do 

Time and again we have spoken about creating explainer videos and demo videos that show your products in action. Or even highlight their special features. And to tell customers how that product will solve their problem. All these background details will make customers appreciate the product a little more. That means a stronger appreciation for your brand too! 

Netflix does this all the time. It takes you behind the stage to movie sets. Shares videos of artists sharing their experience working in the movies. Or even technicians talking about the effort that went into creating iconic scenes. 

Here is one such campaign from Netflix. If you have watched Squid Game, you will probably have recalled the signature soundtrack the moment you saw the name of the show. Here is a video that shows a study that delves into the background of the soundtrack. And how it plays a crucial role in creating that eerie vibe that Squid Game has. 

Provide your social media followers with such interesting pieces of information. Because these posts will make them realize that following your brand on social media was not a bad idea after all! 

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