Getting The Most Out Of Your Design Subscription With Kimp

Opting for an unlimited graphic design service can be a smart idea for those who want unlimited design possibilities. Design is a tricky part of any business, whether you need to improve your e-commerce content, create media posts, web ads, or design an e-book cover. And if you have an unlimited design subscription with Kimp you’re already on your way to making your marketing much more efficient. To help you get the most out of Kimp we’ve put together a few suggestions. Check them out below!

Your Kimp Subscription

When You Want Something New, Put In a Request

How often do you use the design service? Are you someone that uses the service once a month? Do you use it several times a week or once a year? While it’s your prerogative to use the service as much or as little as you like, you shouldn’t be afraid to use it more often.

Remember, a design subscription with Kimp means you can get two-to-three design requests and/or revisions fulfilled per business day. If you’re not already doing that, consider adding in some requests to experiment with different types of marketing creatives. Why wait until you have a new project come along? Use Kimp to come up with some new visuals for your campaigns.

Not Happy With a Finished Product? Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Revisions!

You’ve put in your design request with the team, but now it’s done and you’re having second thoughts; it happens, but what to do about it? Some people never ask for revisions because they think the design team might just deliver another design in a similar style.

Or funny enough, some clients don’t request revisions because they think their design team may get offended. Our bottom line is that we want our clients to be happy with the work they’re receiving. So send over as many revision requests as you need.

Be specific and direct. Don’t be afraid to say you want to see something new! Take full advantage of your unlimited graphic design subscription with Kimp and get the revisions you need so the finished results are something you’re happy with. You have a design subscription service for a reason – it’s not just to request new designs, but to also request as many revisions as you need. Your monthly subscription fee covers this part of the service too and if there is anything you’re unhappy with, get it fixed!

Put In A Request For Personal Branding!

Don’t just get designs done for your business. Get them done for your own personal brand too. Think business cards, social media profile and cover images and posts, Instagram story highlight covers, and more! There’s a misconception that when you have a business, that branding it is enough. But you’ve got to put yourself on the map too. Consumers want to do business with people they can relate to. This is why having designs for your personal brand like business cards can be a useful extension of your marketing. Cards can easily be passed around and if you have a business, you should consider using them with customers and at networking events.

You can use your unlimited graphic design service to create unique and interesting designs for just about anything. So why not your personal brand too?

Be Specific About Your Requirements

You have an idea in your mind; you might even be able to picture it. The next step is sharing the concept in the most detailed way you can so that your team can bring the idea to life. Go into specifics; talk about the type of images or graphics you want to use for the designs, as well as fonts, background colors, and the theme or style too. When you specify your likes, dislikes, and ideas, you can get a finished product you appreciate and are proud to use. And you’ll be getting more from your design subscription with Kimp too!

Far too many people hold back on specific details as they believe the basic concepts are enough to get a project finished. If you’re not sure what you want or don’t want, and are open to new ideas, this might be true. But if that’s not the case, and you have an idea of what you want or don’t want, then help your team help you! Share screenshots. Write down what you want or don’t want. Make a screen recording. Share your ideas however you can, your team would love to hear them. After all, that’s one of the perks of a design subscription service – having a team that’s invested in your brand.

Be Upfront About What You Really Want and Need

When you have a design subscription service available to you, you should use it as much as you can. Don’t hold back! Go into great detail about what you require from your design team, whether you think it’s a smart concept or otherwise! Talk about how you visualize the designs and how they’ll be used. Your Kimp team will help you take it from there.

Get the Most Out Of Your Service

Are you using Kimp’s design subscription service to its fullest potential? It goes without saying that most people will strive to get the greatest value for their money from any subscription or service. We hope you’ll do the same with Kimp and try out a few of our suggestions to get more from your unlimited graphic design service.