Why Design Subscription Services Are Ideal for Marketing Agencies

As a marketing agency, you have the big job of helping businesses big and small connect with their customers. And you help them achieve this through sustainable marketing strategies. One of them is to add design subscription services to your budget. We’ll tell you why.

Email outreach, website, and UX design, SEO, social media marketing, and a whole lot of other tasks might be in your scope. The bottom line for all these efforts is that you need great content that makes brand messaging simpler and thus shapes the brand’s image among its customers. 

So, every piece of content you create should dress the part. It should be a representation of the brand’s personality and also a reflection of what customers look for in the brand. And when it comes to visuals that represent the brand, one of the most reliable options is a design subscription service.

Design subscription services work because they are contract-free cost-effective and dependable solutions to take care of the design needs of your clients.

Today, we’ll talk about all the benefits of design subscription services for marketing agencies. But first, we’ll tell you all the options you have when it comes to handling design requirements as a marketing agency.

Handling Graphic Design Requirements as a Marketing Agency 

To fulfill their clients’ graphic design needs, marketing agencies have two options: 

  • Have an internal team of designers 
  • Outsource design projects 

An internal team of designers will be a suitable option if graphic design is in the scope of the services the agency offers. If there are only occasional requests for design, then outsourcing might feel like a better choice. 

And when it comes to outsourcing graphic designs the agency can:

  • Work with a freelance graphic designer 
  • Collaborate with a graphic design company 
  • Choose a graphic design subscription 

It is easy to hire freelance designers, but most of them come with a limited scope. Working with design firms might appear like a more dependable alternative. But they might turn out to be expensive when your design needs start expanding. And here are a few other downsides to the above two options:

  • Tied by contracts, you might not be able to get the essential number of revisions to perfect your design 
  • The chances of finding the same designer for your future projects might be less. This also leads to difficulty in quality control. 
  • Design firms and freelance designers quote different prices for each type of design. And this keeps changing as there is no industry standard for graphic design services. In the long run, understanding your budget for design becomes difficult. And this makes costing estimates for your marketing projects tedious. 

In a competitive space where landing a client is a big challenge in itself, you will not want these graphic design troubles to weigh down your performance. To avoid these practical difficulties in outsourcing design, the freedom of obtaining unlimited designs with a design subscription is just what marketing agencies need. 

Understanding the advantages of unlimited graphic design for marketing will help you make a decision. 

How do marketing agencies benefit from a design subscription? 

  • There are no contracts when you sign up for a graphic design subscription. So, even if you have short-term design requirements subscriptions work. 
  • With the dedicated design team, you can be assured of consistent quality in designs. 
  • Subscriptions come at a flat monthly rate. So you know exactly how much you will be spending for each design project. Or each client. This lets you plan your project costs better, without worrying about surprise expenses. 

Can’t grasp the depth of these benefits? Let’s discuss a few real-world challenges that marketing agencies face with respect to design and how a design subscription helps overcome them. 

Pain Points for a Marketing Agency and How a Design Subscription Helps 

1. Time Constraints 

Marketing involves a lot of back-forth efforts. First comes the planning stage where you outline a strategy to promote your client. Then comes the content creation part. This might be taking up a majority of your time. Analyzing the existing marketing strategy of the client and understanding the additional branding efforts also add up. 

With a lot of interconnected tasks, it becomes difficult to draft a workflow to meet the deadlines. While you juggle too many things at hand, the predefined turnaround times for designs in a graphic design subscription come as a huge plus. You know exactly when your designs will be ready. So, you get to focus on the rest of the marketing process without worrying about designs taking up too much of your time. 

Collaborating with Kimp for design subscription allowed Social Vizion Media, a firm that specializes in social media management and content creation, to save a lot of time. 

In the words of the owner, Frank Anthony, 

“Working with them has made my life much easier. They’ve helped me cut countless hours of design work, communication with various designers and freelances. I can now dedicate more time to my weekly responsibilities.”

2. Multiple Revision Requests From Clients 

Revision requests are imminent while creating content for a client. Design revisions can be of different levels of complexity.

When you as a marketing agency get the designs done by an external team, you might have your input regarding revisions in the design. And you will also have to furnish the inputs of your client. Based on this there might be more than one or two revisions required for each design. 

With unlimited graphic design services, you get an unlimited number of revisions. This means that you do not have to accept a design unless your client is fully satisfied with it. 

Fairhope Consulting is a firm that handles website design, marketing, and social media services. While comparing Kimp’s unlimited design services with other outsourcing options for design, the owner of Fairhope remarked: 

“Kimp, on the other hand, will start a new task while waiting for me to get back with a revision for the previous one. By not waiting on me to start something new, they speed up the whole process so much.”

This captures another benefit of design subscriptions. While working with individuals or design firms that assign a single resource to handle your project, you will have to expect time lags when there are revisions. This means that you sometimes cannot start the next design project without having the previous revisions closed. 

However, with Kimp’s design subscriptions you get to work with an entire team of designers. Postponing your design requests for the sake of previous revisions will not be essential. 

3. The Unspoken Woes of Scaling 

Sometimes, businesses grow faster than projected. Or, the scope of work expands. Whatever be the case, scaling to keep up with the growing demands is not always easy. 

More number of clients means an increase in the content requirement. Some marketing agencies work with an internal graphic design team. And others entirely outsource their In such cases, scaling calls for recruiting additional designers. And this means an additional component in the budget. 

While spending extra time, money, and effort in expanding your internal team, you also cannot miss out on your existing projects. That’s where the consistent design delivery that comes with graphic design subscriptions can be a significant advantage. 

There is no limit on the number of subscriptions you choose. So, for each client that adds up, you can always add another subscription. As work keeps piling up,  you know that you will always be ready to handle the additional workload without bottlenecks. And thus grow faster than you think.

BDYC, a boutique digital marketing firm, takes care of branding digital marketing, social media marketing, rebranding, and other tasks. Gaps in their creative team posed a challenge for the firm while trying to scale. Working with Kimp’s design subscription made it possible for the business to scale and obtain new clients while maintaining timely deliveries for their existing clients. 

In the words of the Chief Strategist of BDYC,

“I hired Kimp.io to fill in gaps in my creative team. As I began to scale I needed some support, and they provided excellent quality and a fraction of an in-house graphic design team.”

4. Difficulty in Attaining Design Consistency 

When you have multiple clients to handle and a variety of design requests for each client, consistency might feel like a challenging feat. But the growth of your marketing agency depends a lot on the consistent delivery of quality campaigns for all your clients. 

Working with different designs or firms for each of your design projects means incoherent designs. But with unlimited design services, you work with a single team for all your design requirements for a particular client. The team starts with a thorough understanding of the brand and then tackles all of its designs. So, there is design consistency. And this helps you a great deal in your branding efforts. 

“We have been using Kimp.io for several months. We couldn’t be more pleased. Having a dedicated team gives us consistency in design as well as an understanding of our project needs and design. Very happy we found kimp.io.”

– Bill Reynolds
5. Bouncing Back From Customer Attrition 

Customer attrition or losing a regular client is one challenge that bothers nearly 29% of marketing agencies. All the effort and time you put into acquiring your clients will go futile when clients choose to quit. 

Clients might choose to switch to a different marketing agency due to a number of reasons. Not having access to graphic designs as a part of the marketing services might be one of them. So, if you wish to start adding marketing visuals to your scope but do not want to worry about hiring an internal team for the job, then a graphic design subscription might help. 

Unlike one-off design assignments, design subscriptions come as long-term solutions to your design problems. As a result, you can confidently add marketing visuals to support the content you provide your clients. 

6. The Stress of Keeping Up With Video Trends 

92% of marketers who already incorporate videos in their marketing strategy consider it to be a crucial component of marketing. Short-form videos, long-form videos, videos for YouTube, Reels for Instagram, the list keeps growing. And there is a different set of specifications for videos everywhere. 

This makes the whole process of video creation overwhelming. Unless you have the whole day to spend on video design, it becomes quite difficult to add videos to your content creation plan. But clients want videos as they help improve conversions and keep their customers engaged. 

That’s where working with a video design subscription can be of great help. If you have an internal team of designers who can take care of the graphic design part but you need support with video creation alone, you can choose the Kimp Video subscription. Or if you need both graphic design and videos in one place, there is Kimp Graphics + Video. You can add and remove these subscriptions based on your client’s requirements. 

Phenom Marketing finds the ability to obtain different types of videos for marketing all at a flat rate to be a cost-effective solution to their marketing video requirements. 

“Started with one video subscription and we have added 2 more now. The value we get out of their service is over the roof. We used to pay couple of hundred dollars for each video before, now we able to get many of them done each month, with a lot better quality for a cheaper price.”

7. Handling Short Term Work Loads

When you have signed up long-term clients, it is about growing your business holistically. However, every marketing agency comes across sudden spikes in workloads. This can be due to clients with short-term projects. Or additional requests from existing clients on a temporary basis. 

During these times, adding resources to your internal design team to handle temporary peaks in capacity will not feel like a cost-effective move. And during times like these, the contract-free collaborations you get with design subscriptions feel like the most practical step to take. 

NK Digital Consulting is a Germany-based marketing agency that handles niche-specific advertising services and customized marketing solutions. According to the COO of the company, design subscriptions from Kimp come in handy to handle work peaks.

“We did an online research on how we can relieve ourselves during work peaks without having to hire more employees.” 

“We use Kimp on an ongoing basis to help us absorb peaks in work that our in-house graphic designers can’t cover.”

So, you can choose any number of subscriptions and close a few or all of them depending on your workload. 

Build a resilient strategy for your marketing agency with Kimp’s unlimited design services 

The flexibility of design subscriptions and the ease of adding as many print and digital designs to your pipeline help save money and time in the long run. While you are busy handling your client’s marketing efforts, if you need support in designing graphics for the promotion of your marketing agency, you can add a subscription for that as well. With a convenient dashboard, you can keep track of all your design work in one place. 

Wondering whether design subscriptions will actually help your marketing agency? Start your free trial and see for yourself.