How To Provide Your Designer With Helpful Feedback

How often do you give your designers feedback? Does it usually get you the designs you’re looking for? Feedback can be a wonderful tool for a designer and their client to make sure they’re on the same page about the goals of a design. Or it can lead to a really painful game of broken […]

Professional Graphic Design

Investing In Professional Graphic Design Vs DIY Design

Professional graphic design isn’t always considered as people look for the cheapest route possible to get their projects completed. If there’s a way to save, consumers will find it and that often means cutting a few corners here and there. With graphic design, this isn’t something you can afford to do. Some would even say […]

Athlete Tech Summit

How Side Hustles Can Lead To Your Most Innovative Ideas

Andrew Safranko is the National Entrepreneurship, Startup and Incubator Lead at IBM Canada. He’s also an Entrepreneur In Residence at YSpace, an innovation hub where Kimp is one of the startups.  We’ve had the opportunity to pick Andrew’s brain on a number of things over the past year, including how to develop and validate new […]


Launch And Scale With YSpace’s Services For Startups

Situated in Downtown Markham, Ontario, YSpace is York University’s newest community innovation hub. YSpace helps startups build great companies by connecting them with the resources they need to go to market and scale.  Considering this, it’s interesting that YSpace itself is much like a startup says its Entrepreneurship Manager, David Kwok. It’s the first innovation […]