How To Provide Your Designer With Helpful Feedback

How often do you give your designers feedback? Does it usually get you the designs you’re looking for? Feedback can be a wonderful tool for a designer and their client to make sure they’re on the same page about the goals of a design. Or it can lead to a really painful game of broken […]

Scaling Your Marketing Agency

Grow Your Marketing Agency Faster Than You Think You Can

Starting a marketing agency is an exciting challenge. Growing it, even more so. There can be hundreds of agencies in any given city, competing to land clients. All while trying to hit targets, build awareness, anticipate trends and recruit and manage talented team members. Wearing all these different hats mean that you can get caught […]

5 Productivity Tools To Help You Crush The Rest Of 2019

We’re more than halfway through 2019. Just let that sink in for a moment (!!). Maybe the time’s flown by as you’ve been working through your list of goals for the year. Or maybe it’s just flown away and you’re still trying to figure out how. Whether you’re mastering the art of crushing your goals, […]

Guide To Kimp

The Guide To Kimp’s Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Getting unlimited graphic designs from Kimp for a flat monthly fee isn’t something you hear about every day. And when you do, it sounds pretty good. Who couldn’t use a service that will save the extra time, money and headaches that come with getting the right creatives?  But how do you integrate a whole new […]