Book Covers

  1. Describe what you’re looking for
  2. Attach your brand assets (logo, pictures, author’s picture, elements etc.)
  3. Confirm if your design is for a print or e-book
  4. Specify the size of the design (inches, centimetres or pixels)
  5. Specify the orientation – vertical or horizontal
  6. Text copy (e.g. title, author’s name, brief intro/blurb for the back cover)
  7. Tell us the style you’d like, e.g.
    • -Traditional or Modern
    • -Abstract or Literal
    • -Playful or Mature
    • -Feminine or Masculine
  8. Tell us your preferences for color and font
  9. Tell us what to avoid
  10. Tell us the book’s genre and target audience
  11. Include any references for book covers you like