2022 Logo Design Trends: The Top 7 You Need To Know

The design and marketing world is quite torn on creating trendy content. On the one hand you want to be consistent and unique in your branding. But on the other hand, you want to be engaging and grab attention.

And this concern only amplifies for branding designs.

The best branding design elements are those that reflect your brand’s personality, its offerings and the industry you belong to. They are a graphical representation of the message you want to give your customers. So they have to be completely unique and consistently represented. 

But design trends of each year are valuable to know and utilise too. They reflect the popular designs and interests that are prevailing in the market. They can give you an inkling of how to attract and connect with your target audience base. After all, understanding your customer is a mandatory prerequisite to cracking the perfect brand identity. 

And that is why a roundup of the top logo design trends for 2022 can better equip you to create a stellar branding identity in the coming year. If some of these trends speak to you closely, you can, of course, make them your own. Trending designs can be unique, and Kimp can make that happen for you.

So getting the lay of the land and understanding what is in store in 2022 design trends, let’s take a look at the top logo design trends of 2022. 

But before that, a small recap. 

Looking back at the 2021 logo design trends 

Before we jump into 2022’s trends, a small look back into 2021 is important too. 

The year 2021 was eventful, to say the least. And the same holds true for design trends as well. As they say, art imitates life, so the complications and new lessons of 2021 slid down into the logo design trends we saw in that year too.

Minimalistic logos 

As complicated as doing business and navigating life in 2021 was, the logo design trends swayed towards minimalistic concepts. Simple, clean, and easy-to-remember logos dominated the design space. A major reason for this could be that logos had to be 

Easy to adapt across digital and offline mediums. A detailed and complicated logo may not pass that test.

Below is airbnb’s popular minimalistic logo that has stood the test of time with it’s versatility and clear message.

Source: Heart Internet
Source: Heart Internet
Gradient logos 

While minimalism was in the press a lot, vibrant, colorful logos were not to be left behind. Using colors strategically in logos can work well for brands because colors make it easy for customers to understand brand personalities.

A major logo design trend in 2021 in color usage was gradient color logos. These logos used a blend of similar or complementing colors that exist with no boundaries in a singular design. The resultant effect makes the logo design stand out in a competitive market.

Below is another well-known logo that started capitalizing on the power of its gradient logo even before 2021’s trend.

Source: Defending Digital
Variable fonts 

Gone are the days, when designers used the standard fonts and typefaces available to them in the market. Brands in 2021 created their own logo design trend by creating variable fonts for their branding identity. Variable fonts are those with a font file that can store all the different variations of a font in a single place. These fonts incorporated shapes, symbols, and imagery relevant to their business and products.

Motion in design 

In the age of Instagram Reels and Tiktok, the world favors motion graphics big time. While you may think this does not apply to logo designs, the popular logo designs in 2021 have proved everyone wrong. Right from including swishes, arrows, etc., to show motion in the logo or to develop animated logo designs, movement dominated a major part of the logo design trends in 2021.

Source: Finances Online

With the 2021 logo design trends in mind and looking ahead to the future, it is time to explore the 2022 logo design trends. 

2022 Logo design trends: The top 7 trends you need to know 

Social media, digital marketing, a healthy combination of old and new, sprinkled with the love for aesthetics seems to be the 2022 graphic design trends. 

To help you make informed graphic design and branding choices, here is a roundup of the top 2022 logo design trends from the Kimp team. If the trending design fits your branding identity and aesthetic, connect with our team to make it your own.

1) Nostalgic logo designs 

The love for nostalgia is real. Memories are pretty special for all of us. How much ever old or new, when something reminds us of a special period in our lives, we bond with it quickly. And that is the basis for nostalgia-based designs. The reason we consider it to be an emerging logo design trend for 2022 is that the use of colors and design patterns are now more popular than ever. And all that time we’ve spent indoors in the pandemic exploring old memories and favorite shows can be a factor here. 

Some popular logo design styles that work well in invoking nostalgia in the general populace include: 

  • Retro logo design style 
  • Pop Art based logo design 
  • Black and White vintage designs

Out of all these designs, we expect a fast comeback of the Pop Art-based logo design in 2022. This is because the Gen Z and millennial population make up for a majority of the consumer base currently. And they favor pop culture heavily, having grown up in the age of television and the Internet. If that is your target audience, then this is the way to go.

For a slightly older consumer base, we think the retro and vintage style of logo designs will hit the mark well. 

Check our guide on Pop Art usage in marketing and advertising. 

Wondering if this logo design trend of 2022 is right for your brand? With a Kimp Graphics subscription you can explore this design style across a ton of different design types for a flat fee!

Source: Kimp
2) Minimalistic monograms 

Nobody likes cliches, right? Especially in branding designs, the aim is to always strive for uniqueness. But sometimes the path to that unique identity is full of cliches. When they say less is more, we always take it to be true in the field of graphic design

While minimalistic logo designs were the most popular logo design trend in 2021, the year 2022 brings a little spin on this. Usually, minimalistic logo designs have clean lines, limited usage of color, simple geometric elements, and so on. However, the need to make themselves memorable also propels brands to include their names and abbreviations in the logo.

So a fortunate combination of these trends brings you the minimalist monogram. Internet brands like Facebook, Pinterest, or even Twitter, at one point, simply use their first letter to represent their brand. 

The monogram takes it to the next level and adds style, weight, and panache to the Wordmark/monogram.

Source: Kimp

In this example, you can see how the unique styling and design on the brand’s initials elevate the whole logo design. The monotone color palette emphasizes the minimalist style too. 

Minimalistic design styles appeal to a wide range of audiences, and the monogram brings in intrigue as to the company’s offering. Wondering how this logo design will work for your brand? With Kimp Graphics’ unlimited graphic design service, you can experiment and find out.

3) Color pop logos

Yes, all of us know that Pop Culture is a worldwide phenomenon. And it works great when you can work it into your marketing and branding designs. But not every brand is at the junction where you can do this. And that is why designers have explored other ways to invoke the same feeling customers get when they witness Pop Art. 

Our next popular logo design trend of 2022 is one such way. Yes, we are talking about the Color Pop trend. Color psychology tells us that each unique color has a special meaning for people of different walks of life. But the colors used in comic books, popular TV series, and art of the Pop culture era bring in a strong sense of nostalgia in everyone. 

Color Pops are also perfect to use in the Instagram and aesthetic era where quirky and fun brand personalities are a great win for any brand. 

Kimp Tip: You have a wide palette option even when you choose to design using the Color Pop logo design trend. So it is best to pick colors that match your brand personality and target audience’s preference. Check how two or more colors work with each other if you choose the route.

Source: Kimp
4) Serif typographic logos 

Serif seems to be the Internet’s longest running favorite when it comes to typography trends. While Sans-serif is the choice of typeface for all digital communications, Serif still reigns higher on the list for logo design trends. There is a certain elegance and sophistication in this family of typefaces that appeal to many consumers to date. Serif font signifies tradition and conservative values that bring in a sense of trust from the customers. 

Wordmark logos or even logos that combine names and pictorial representations are quite popular. They are easier to use on digital and offline platforms while making it easier for customers to remember them too. So keeping on the trend, we expect the Serif typeface to dominate the logo design trends in 2022 quite a lot. 

While Serif is a typeface that many consider apt for older audiences, the elegance appeals to the younger consumer base as well. Combined with the right color, this logo makes for a very effective brand identity for your business. 

Choosing the right font for your logo can be a monumental struggle. Check out this Kimp guide to navigate this tricky process.

Source: Kimp
5) Fluid logos 

Remember when we mentioned that logos that incorporate a sense of movement in their design have a very wide appeal. These logos can be much more effective than static designs if they connect well with your brand personality and audience. Taking this logo design trend a step ahead in 2022 is the fluid logo design trend. 

Fluid logos are like poetry in motion. They use decorative fonts and design styles that appear to make the design flow seamlessly, instead of following the set rules of design. You’ll notice they are characterized by what appears to be brush strokes. 

Small, delicate, and creative lines make a majority of elements in these designs. If you want to signify creativity and appeal to the artistic consumer base, you must really consider fluid logo designs. 

The fonts and design elements you see as part of this logo design trend of 2022 also bring in personalization and a handwriting style. You can leverage these characteristics to connect with your target audience.

Source: Kimp
6) Playing with space

In 2022, we expect the composition of a logo design to also vary quite a bit. Gone are the days when you expect the logo to be either enclosed in a box with the fonts evenly spread out. Or it remains in a single line. 

No, the composition game is going to change even more in the coming year. And we expect playing with space to be a leading logo design trend in 2022. Usually, when we speak of space usage in any graphic design, we speak of negative space. While we will see a lot of logo designs that leverage this particular design principle too, there is more to it. 

You can change the way you portray your brand by cluttering the letters together or spacing them out. Or you can create a distance between the imagery used and the brand name. These can communicate ruggedness, openness, relaxation, or even urgency. The right design, and designer, can make the intended effect happen.

Source: Kimp
7) Animated logos 

Coming back to the visual effect of a logo and the enhancement elements that signify movement bring to it, we want to discuss animated logos. While you may not strictly consider this a logo design trend, it truly is. We mentioned how static and traditional logos may not be the way to go for your branding designs in 2022. But we also know that minimalism as a logo design trend is here to stay. 

So what do you do?

Well, we strongly think that the animated logo design is here to solve your confusion on that front. Animated logos are best if your primary communication medium with your customers is digital. Right from social media to newsletters to your website, you can definitely create interest in your brand with this logo design trend of 2022.

Create trendy and effective Logo Designs with Kimp

Logos are forever. Sure you can redesign and tweak. But once they become associated with your brand in your customers’ minds they become the face of your business. Your branding can actually feel like it begins and ends with it in many cases. 

So you need a logo design that you can be proud to share. And for that to happen you need a design team that understands design, branding, trending styles, and your brand in detail. Kimp Graphics offers exactly that. When our customers come to us for logo design, we ensure we get to know them so we can transfer their vision into a logo design that gets them results.

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